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What Happened To Gon After The Anime?

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Will Gon get his Nen back?

As of the current status of the manga, Gon Freecss has not regained his Nen abilities in Hunter X Hunter. The series has been on a prolonged hiatus, with the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, known for taking extended breaks, leaving fans eagerly waiting for any updates on the story’s continuation. It has been approximately 2 years and 9 months since the last chapter was released, leaving fans in suspense.

In a conversation with his father Ging, it is implied that Gon can still sense his aura and potentially regain his Nen abilities through intense training. However, the process to return to his former Nen prowess would require dedication and effort, considering the immense power he used against Neferpitou.

Hunter X Hunter’s unique and captivating storytelling has left its fanbase yearning for more, eagerly anticipating Togashi’s return to the series. As we patiently wait for further developments in the story, the uncertainty of Gon’s future adds an intriguing layer of suspense to the beloved manga, keeping fans on the edge of their seats for the next chapter in his extraordinary journey.

Gon will get his Nen Back!

As the main protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, Gon’s journey and potential for recovery have become central to the expectations of fans. Like many shonen manga heroes, the anticipation is for Gon to follow a path of redemption and return to his full strength, facing even stronger enemies alongside his loyal friend Killua.

Published in Weekly Shonen Jump alongside iconic series like Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia, Hunter X Hunter’s popularity has driven speculation about Gon’s future. While it is rumored that he may not appear in the upcoming Dark Continent Expedition arc, many believe that Nanika’s ability may have lifted the restriction on his Nen, requiring him to retrain to regain his abilities.

After a brief discussion with his father Ging, Gon comes to terms with the price he paid to defeat Pitou, acknowledging that surviving the ordeal was enough. Ging suggests that this could be a turning point for Gon to explore new possibilities, either remaining a “normal” person or reawakening his abilities to continue his journey as a Hunter with a renewed purpose.

With such uncertainties and possibilities, the Hunter X Hunter fanbase remains divided, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the saga. The manga’s unique storytelling and character development have kept fans invested, leaving them with intense debates and discussions about Gon’s fate, making Hunter X Hunter one of the most captivating and engaging series in the world of shonen manga.

What is Nen?

In the fascinating world of shonen manga, the concept of Nen serves as a quintessential energy phenomenon that grants characters incredible powers. Similar to “Haki” or “Chakra,” Nen is a formidable force in Hunter X Hunter, endowing users with unique abilities that augment their strength. However, Nen’s uniqueness lies in the ability to dramatically boost power while accepting a significant trade-off – temporary disability.

A pivotal moment in the series revolves around Gon, who, after a battle with Neferpitou, experienced trauma upon discovering Kite’s demise. This trauma led Gon to a breaking point, where he wished to use his Nen to defeat his enemy, causing a temporary loss of his Nen abilities.

This enigma adds an enthralling layer of mystery to the manga, especially with Gon’s transformation. As of now, we eagerly await the moment when Gon will unleash his Nen’s true potential and wield it freely. The question remains, will Gon be able to recover his Nen and harness it to its fullest power once more?

Hunter X Hunter continues to captivate fans with its rich world-building and intricate character development, leaving us eagerly anticipating the resolution of Gon’s Nen journey. The evolution of Gon’s abilities promises to be a defining moment in the series, making us eagerly await the next chapters in this thrilling saga.

How and when did Gon lose his Nen?

In a poignant moment in Hunter X Hunter, Gon experiences a harrowing loss when he faces the reality of Kite’s death at the hands of Neferpitou. Overwhelmed with emotional trauma, Gon makes a drastic decision, forging a temporary contract with his Nen to seek vengeance against those who wronged him. The contract grants him an immense surge of Nen, transforming his body into a muscular, powerful form reminiscent of his potential self in 20 years.

Driven by the desire to avenge Kite, Gon mercilessly destroys Pitou’s body, fulfilling the contract’s conditions. However, this extraordinary feat takes a heavy toll on his body, and the residual Nen strains him to the brink of death. This drastic transformation leaves him in a vulnerable, vegetable-like state, with his Nen lost as part of the payment for the immense strength he used in the battle.

This powerful and emotional arc showcases the depths of Gon’s character and the consequences of wielding such incredible power. It also introduces an intriguing aspect of the Nen system, where actions have profound repercussions, providing a thought-provoking exploration of power and sacrifice in the world of Hunter X Hunter. As fans eagerly await Gon’s future journey, this moment will forever remain a pivotal and unforgettable part of the series.

Why Hunter X Hunter is Special?

Hunter X Hunter stands out among Weekly Shonen Jump manga due to its exceptional character and world-building. The Yorknew City arc showcases the series’ unique ability to shift the focus to other characters as the main protagonist, which adds depth to the narrative.

Gon’s main story revolves around his quest to find his enigmatic father, Ging Freecss. Leaving his home on Whale Island, Gon embarks on a journey driven by the desire to reunite with his father, whom he met through his father’s student, Kite.

The 13th Hunter Chairman Selection arc marks a significant point in Gon’s journey, as he finally meets Ging after the harrowing Chimera Ant Arc. This encounter brings closure to his search and signifies a turning point in his story.

The poignant scene of Gon and Killua parting ways at the end of the arc gives the impression that Gon’s story has reached its conclusion. Now unable to use Nen, he faces the choice of pursuing its recovery, learning a new technique, or leading a normal life on Whale Island with his Aunt Mito and grandmother.

With Gon’s arc seemingly complete, the narrative may shift its focus to other characters. Kurapika’s pursuit of revenge against Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe, seeking retribution for his people’s massacre, becomes a potential focal point. Additionally, the exploration of Ging’s journey to the mysterious Dark Continent, with its unknown threats like the Chimera Ants and Nanika, offers exciting possibilities.

However, the author’s extended hiatus has left fans wondering about the future of Hunter X Hunter. The series’ unpredictable nature and compelling storytelling continue to captivate readers, making them eagerly anticipate when and how the story will ultimately conclude.

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