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Young Justice Season 3 Episode 14 Online: Release And Reacap

Young justice S3

Officially titled Young Justice: Outsiders, the new teaser confirms Young Justice Season 3, will premiere on DC Universe Jan. 4, 2019.

Young Justice Outsiders Episode 14

The season, comprising 26 episodes, was divided into two equal parts. The latter 13 episodes were scheduled to premiere separately in June, as revealed during New York Comic Con.

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 14 marked the return of the series after a six-month hiatus, and it did not disappoint. The episode showcased the show’s signature qualities: a seamlessly integrated and effective mythology, well-developed and evolving characters, and exhilarating fight scenes filled with comic references.

The first half of the season had concluded with significant breakthroughs in the ongoing metahuman trafficking storyline. Beast Boy discovered that the Goode Goggles were manipulating children into becoming meta-slaves for the black market. In the last episode, the team successfully liberated many of these teens and aligned them with heroes like El Dorado, Static, Blue Beetle, and others in Taos. Notably, Brion’s sister, Terra, joined her brother’s team as a double agent for Deathstroke.

Episode 14 continued the story along three distinct tracks. Firstly, it followed the team’s internal dynamics, with Tigress, Nightwing, and Superboy briefing them on the challenges ahead. Cyborg decided to sit this one out, while Geoforce, Forager, Terra, and Halo committed to the mission, earning them a place in Miss Martian’s operation. Halo’s resistance to gender labels, given her unique status as a living Motherbox, was also explored, with Brion’s acceptance of her choice being a positive highlight.

The second track focused on public relations, as Granny “Goode” tried to deflect blame for the trafficking ring’s use of her goggles by shifting responsibility onto a victim from a previous episode. This narrative mirrored real-world frustrations with powerful individuals avoiding accountability, adding a thought-provoking layer to the show.

The third track delivered the action, with a significant portion of the Justice League engaged in intergalactic metahuman tracking. Superman, Wonder Woman, the Hawk people, and Guy Gardner pursued leads from an Nth Metal heist on Thanagar to an asteroid base housing kidnapped meta teens and surprising villains: Granny Goodness, Desaad, and the Female Furies. Despite a fierce battle and numerous boom tubes, the villains managed to escape, leaving viewers with tantalizing hints about the overarching problem.

“Influence” exemplified Young Justice at its finest, demonstrating the show’s capacity for delivering thrilling entertainment and engaging storytelling. It left fans eagerly anticipating the second half of the season and showcased the series’ unique blend of action, character development, and social commentary.

Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice: Outsiders’ Season 3, Episodes 14-16

Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the beloved series, has returned from its hiatus with three new episodes available on the DC Universe streaming service: “Influence,” “Leverage,” and “Illusion of Control.” In this season, the Justice League has been divided, with Batman and several heroes, including members of Young Justice, leaving to pursue their own mission. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson and his team investigate the disappearance of Earthling meta-humans, uncovering new adversaries. Beast Boy’s discovery of a connection between the Goode Goggles and the meta-human trafficking ring is a pivotal development. Despite rescuing teenagers, including Princess Tara, it’s revealed that Tara is working as a double agent for Slade and the traffickers.

Currently, the core Justice League members find themselves in space, investigating an attack on ninth metal stockpiles in Thanagar. This incident indicates that Apokolips now possesses this rare metal, keeping the League preoccupied with off-world matters while trying to restore their reputation on Earth, where Lex Luthor wields considerable influence over the United Nations.

One challenge Young Justice faces, as in previous seasons, is managing its expansive ensemble cast. The immediate return to the Justice League’s storyline after a long hiatus can be disorienting for viewers. Additionally, the introduction of new characters lacks depth and emotional connection, making it challenging to invest in their stories. Fans often find themselves more attached to established heroes like Dick Grayson, Conner Kent, and Artemis Crock.

The introduction of Halo/Violet, who identifies as non-binary, raises concerns about representation. While it’s commendable to have a non-binary character, Halo’s portrayal, born from a Mother Box, may inadvertently undermine the authenticity of their identity. This portrayal could have been handled with more sensitivity and nuance.

Episode 15, “Leverage,” delves into the Taos youth meta-center, where young teens learn to control their powers and reintroduces runaways from season two. Unfortunately, the lack of proper development for these characters in the previous season diminishes the impact of their reappearance. Episode 16, “Illusion of Control,” focuses on former runaways, particularly Eduardo ‘Ed’ Dorado Jr., who now works as a counselor.

This season of Young Justice explores complex political themes, akin to Marvel’s Civil War comics. However, the extensive cast makes it challenging to delve into each side’s perspective and emotional depth. The long hiatus between episodes doesn’t aid the show’s coherence.

Despite these challenges, the episodes exhibit higher animation quality and outstanding voice acting. Young Justice: Outsiders excels in maintaining tension, with espionage and undercover elements adding intrigue. However, the intricate plot can become convoluted due to the numerous characters.

Overall, the first three episodes mark a promising return for this season. While not the standout season of Young Justice, season three maintains a decent quality. Viewers should be aware that episode 16 contains elements of ableism that may be triggering for some. It is hoped that future episodes will take the time to develop both new and existing characters. Nevertheless, the prospect of the team confronting Apokolips remains compelling.

Young justice 3

Where to watch Young Justice: Outsiders?

Young Justice: Outsiders is available for streaming on HBO Max.


In “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the Justice League splits as Batman leads a separate mission. Dick Grayson’s team investigates the disappearance of Earth’s meta-humans, uncovering a dark link to the Goode Goggles. Princess Tara’s shocking betrayal adds intrigue. In space, the League confronts Apokolips’ threat. New characters and representation issues arise, but animation quality and tension shine. Challenges include managing a vast cast and a complex plot. Despite some flaws, the series remains compelling as it heads toward a showdown with Apokolips. Streaming on HBO Max.

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