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One Piece Episode 1072 Release Date & What To Expect

What happened in episode 1071?

The eagerly anticipated One Piece Episode 1071, heralded as one of the series’ most significant moments, has now been unveiled. Enthusiasm soared so high that, prior to its release, Crunchyroll’s servers briefly faltered due to the overwhelming rush of fans eager to witness Luffy’s transformative new form.

Centered on Luffy’s debut of Gear 5th, the episode dramatically depicts the collision of Kaidou’s kanabo, a strike that was seemingly meant to end Luffy’s life. Instead, it unleashes the latent power of his Devil Fruit. The Gorosei reveals an intriguing revelation—the Gomu Gomu no Mi’s alternate name: Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. This Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit embodies the spirit of Nika, the Sun God, celebrated for bringing smiles to the oppressed.

Known as the Warrior of Liberation, Nika’s essence evaded the World Government’s grasp, leaving them in awe of the Devil Fruit’s elusive nature. The Gorosei’s declaration of Zoan-type Devil Fruits possessing a distinct will sheds light on the enduring enigma of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. Their assessment of this power as the “most ridiculous” in the world resonates profoundly.

Luffy’s latest Gear iteration stands out remarkably from his previous transformations. While each of his prior Gears served distinct purposes, Gear 5 introduces a multifunctional approach. This form showcases Luffy’s ability to expand his body, reminiscent of Gear 3, enabling him to effortlessly seize colossal opponents like the dragon-sized Kaidou. Additionally, Gear 5 allows Luffy to adopt the brawny aspect seen in Gear 4: Bounce Man, augmenting his offensive prowess.

One Piece Episode 1072 will be released on August 13th, 2023

Luffy’s Gear 5

Gear 5 introduces a whimsical essence, evoking nostalgia akin to cherished classics like Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes. This distinct shift infuses playfulness into the battle, rekindling the spirit of beloved animations.

Undeterred by Luffy’s relentless assaults, Kaidou persists in the fierce combat. A riveting twist unfolds as Kaidou unleashes Blast Breath upon Luffy, met with Luffy’s swift response—Gear 5 manipulates the ground, redirecting the attack towards the Yonko. Exceptional animation showcases the talents behind the scenes.

Episode 1071 unveils Hiyori’s pivotal moment, bravely revealing her identity to Wano’s Shogun Orochi, responsible for her family’s anguish. Hiyori’s suppressed emotions resurface upon Orochi’s downfall, fueled by the fire spirit Kazenbo. Amid captivating transformations and emotive storytelling, One Piece’s allure persists.


What to expect in episode 1072?

The excitement for One Piece Episode 1072 transcends its storyline. Animation quality is set to match or exceed its predecessor’s excellence. A pledge of visual grandeur accompanies the entire Gear 5 sequence. Any concerns about animation can be laid to rest. Episode 1072 might even surpass its forerunner with direct, focused content, free of flashbacks. Expect over ten minutes of high-octane action, shaped by industry experts.

Amidst captivating animation and compelling narratives, Episode 1072 captures the unity and resilience of the Straw Hat alliance. These bonds symbolize fans’ deep connections. The unfolding saga blends adrenaline and heart, creating a narrative tapestry both powerful and relatable.

Where can you watch Ep. 1072?

Anticipating One Piece Episode 1072’s global release on Crunchyroll, fans eagerly await its arrival shortly after its Japanese premiere. Hopes are high for a smoother streaming experience this time. The episode boasts the original Japanese audio accompanied by English subtitles, ensuring an immersive journey for viewers around the world.

Watch One Piece for free on Animekage

Though the dubbed version remains pending, the subtitled edition offers a chance to relish the unfolding narrative while awaiting the dubbed rendition. The digital curtain rises for another enthralling chapter in the One Piece saga, embodying the series’ universal allure and the collective thrill it kindles among fans worldwide.

One Piece Episode 1072 Teaser

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